Our Approach

All too often we hear someone ask, “Should we outsource our customer engagement or do it internally?” Our response, “If someone tells you that you should do 100% of either, they are wrong.”

There are some functions that should almost always stay within your organization. There are others that can almost definitely be done better and more efficiently by the right partner.

The answer isn’t if you should manage customer engagement entirely in-house or externally but in what combination to provide the best results. 


Success Through Co-sourcing

Incept has introduced a concept called co-sourcing, which is a partner approach to customer engagement that provides the cost savings and flexibility that come from outsourcing while integrating with your in-house staff to guarantee every customer will be supported according to your brand and values.

Each customer engagement channel provides a different level of risk to your organization, and each project type within that channel requires a varying depth of relationship to be successful. By identifying the channel and project types that offer the highest reward at the lowest risk, Incept develops a partnership with you that starts by being profitable and progressively grows based on the success of each previous campaign.

Here is an example of how it works (click image to enlarge):


In most instances, the best way to begin a relationship with someone who is going to handle the task of engaging with your customers is by starting in the upper-left hand corner of the diagram. This gives us the ability to control the volume, train our team to your cultural expectations, and align on project success metrics.

As each individual campaign is executed, we will collectively compare our results to your internal costs to determine the next project in the relationship.