We get it. 

There’s truly nothing more valuable to your business than your customer base. The idea of letting someone else manage those relationships has you scared to death.

There have been too many times when you needed help from a contact center employee and have been less than impressed.

Every interaction is an opportunity to grow or weaken a relationship and customer expectations are higher than ever.

How can you keep up?

Incept is a multi-channel contact center that develops lifelong relationships with you and your customers. For over 20 years, we have been working with some of the largest brands in the world to develop campaigns that strengthen relationships at every touch point.

For someone to take care of your customers you need to know they are different.

We are. From the time we take to understand your business goals before presenting a solution to our willingness to develop a shared-risk pricing model to the investment we place on creating a Top Workplace culture, we’re different in the way we approach the relationship with you and your customers.

Relationships matter.

Our Mission

To have productive conversations that drive meaningful results.

Our Purpose

To help you become the best version of yourself. 

Our History

Incept began in 1993 as a team of customer contact center consultants whose aim was to reduce the cost associated with customer service support.  Companies were either over-staffed, under-staffed, or overflowed their customer communication business to outsourced providers with unknown competency.

Our assertion was that we could increase the efficiency of our customers’ in-house contact centers, which would result in lower overall staffing and turnover costs. Moreover, we offered our customers both the freedom and the confidence to use us as an overflow management resource who understood their culture and possessed the knowledge and skill sets to source and manage overflow business on their behalf without having to worry about fluctuations in execution, quality. and consistency.

Currently, we incorporate sophisticated data modeling and analytics testing to refine our strategies across multiple customer touch points, as well as handle overflow and full service customer contact business for clients at our customer engagement production facility in Canton, Ohio.  

When we look back over the past 20+ years, we really haven’t changed our primary mission. While we have incorporated new and exciting digital communication tools that provide even more cost-effective ways to execute our service offerings, we are still, at our core, passionate about increasing our clients’ profitability by developing strategies that reduce costs and increase customer contact center efficiency, consistency, and scalability.