What Are Our Clients' Customers Saying About Incept Employees?


“She was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects. It is nice to see someone so professional and enthusiastic about their profession. If I had a direct way to dial to get to her I would. Hat off to her dedication to strive to be a game changer.”


“One of the best customer service/sales experiences I've ever had. I called in to cancel my account. The rep was polite, struck up rapport instantly, and wasn't overly pushy. I stayed at the $9.99 level. But seriously, one of the best experiences I've had with a rep at any company on any level. Well done to whomever is training the retention team and to the rep himself. Very impressed.”


"The associate was very patient and helpful to me. The process is initially complicated, but she got me through it all!  The beginning process is quite detailed and sequential, I was "talked through" the entire process professionally and skillfully!"


“My problem was solved with swift action by a very friendly CSR.  Thanks for listening, solving & laughing with  me. You made my Mon. much better than it began.”


"She was extremely professional and exhibited great customer service skills. She informed me of things that I could do with the Stamps.com program that are very useful and that I had no idea existed. Without the information she provided me, I would have missed out on some of the best software features that I can definitely use that will save me a great deal of time and money."


“I wish there were more customer service agents like him! If every time I called any company for a service inquiry and he answered I would be extremely satisfied every time. Every customer service agent should take a note from him and learn what he's already perfected - the customer comes first. His friendly demeanor was just a breath of fresh air! Even the way he answered the phone made me feel like my call was going to end well, regardless of whether my problem was solved or not. His friendly, welcoming voice and positive, empathetic attitude made that call the best part of my day. When I dialed that number I thought I was going to have to fight to get the credit to my account I was looking for, but after 2 mins with him I got exactly what I was asking for and hung up with a smile on my face!”


“The Customer Care person who handled my call was extremely helpful and very patient. It was a password concern and she waited until I was able to log into my account and walked me through the whole process even when I was having trouble logging in multiple times.  She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent customer service and walked me through every step and never made me feel rushed and was very patient when trying to walk me through instructions and implementation."