Partial Client List

Generated 30,000 new customers for MSN

generated new car leads from Kia's existing customer base

 Generated leads, customer surveys and inbound fulfillment projects

drove additional conference attendees, providing a 12% ROI

Recruited blood donors for the American Red Cross since 2006 through education and conversion


Co-sourced with White Hat Management to offload non-core business activities - Student ENROLLMENT, retention, and service

GENERATED 500 NEW Leads for's inside sales team

executed over 2.6 million customer satisfaction and service appointment scheduling conversations


Drove qualified leads to the JD Power sales team

 Generated leads for several National American Heart Association events 

PROVIDEd All blood donor recruitment calling for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center based on unmatched return on investment


Dedicated an FTE for ENROLLMENT, Generating year round student growth

developed a full cycle sales initiative to assist Rockwell in meeting goals.

contacted Honda customers at predetermined intervals prior to upcoming scheduled maintenance 


Assisted in repairing relationships damaged from recent in-store visits. produced a 63% return rate in upset customers.

Re-activated 952 members in less than 8 weeks of the program

Recruited current whole blood donors as well as  lapsed and super lapsed donors for platelet conversion

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Inbound and outbound Student ENROLLMENT calls & schedule APPOINTMENTS with guidance counselors