Incept + Education Industry

In a recent report, chief marketing officers in higher education rated themselves lower than other CMOs on how well their organization is driven by customer needs.  In light of this, the education industry is starting to make a sharp shift towards operating with the student experience at the center.

Among the numerous changes, we are seeing three challenges bubble to the top:

  • Increase in student recruitment
  • Increase in student retention
  • Staffing challenges due to seasonal spikes

Educational institutions operate under tight budgets and limited staff which can make it difficult to tend to each of the three concerns above.  


Flexibility without hindrance to quality

When you think about August and December, what comes to mind?  An exorbitant number of phone calls from students and their parents looking for more information about your school? When should they apply?  Where can I apply for financial aid?  How can I get a parking pass? The list goes on and on.

That's just too much for you regular full time employees to take one. That's why we offer the flexibility you need due to seasonality of the school year while still offering the type of quality professional your prospective students expect. 

Variable vs fixed cost

Our conversational marketing experts can flex as needed - think about those first few weeks of school when the phone doesn't seem to take pause. Wouldn't it be great to have some extra help then?  But once mid semester comes it wouldn't be worth the investment of a full time employee.  With us you only pay for an FTE when you need them.

Bandwidth for student contact preference

Students and their parents aren't reaching for the phone to get their questions answered like they used to.  They now expect to be able to contact the school through email, live chat, text message, and even social media. We offer experts in all channels. 

simplified pricing

Our compensation is almost always structured on a pay-for-performance model. We build our clients' success into our financial rewards and align ourselves with those we do business with. Simply put, if you don't succeed, we don't succeed.

A Few Of Our Projects:

White Hat Management

Incept has executed campaigns for White Hat Management to help them offload non-core activities and maximize their student enrollment.  This relationship saves White Hat Management time and money, while also creating an collaborative partnership that allows for executive level discussion and best-practice sharing to improve their student enrollment and retention process.

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ACCEL Schools

Accel Schools is a chain of charter schools throughout Ohio and the surrounding states. In an effort to centralize front-line student engagement, Accel School brought on Incept as a partner to handle inbound application and enrollment phone calls, as well as to initiate follow up calls to students who inquire online.

By dedicating a full-time employee to this program, Incept was able to help increase student engagement for the 2015-2016 school year, and has contributed to continual growth in weekly enrollment numbers across eleven Ohio-based Academies.

Recent developments in this program include expanding to handle enrollment for Accel schools across the country, and conducting outbound phone surveys to students who have withdrawn from the school—in hopes of gathering data for future improvements, and to potentially win students and families back to the Academies.