Does any of this sound like you?


Acquiring and retaining customers is a challenge, can we be doing something better?


Customer drop-off is happening and it's crushing our bottom line!  


We need to talk to our customers to find out WHY and do something to prevent it.


Incept drives revenue through building relationships that deliver on your promise - from customer acquisition, technical support and retention  campaigns.  The result -- revenue that goes directly to your top line.  Combining the passion of our team and sophisticated analytics, we deliver more value to every interaction your customer has with you.  The lifetime value of your customer is created month-to-month; we help you make it happen each and every day.   

Who Is Incept?

Incept is a conversational marketing firm that delivers the most effective customer acquisition, technical support and retention  campaigns possible to the subscription box industry by combining passionate subject matter experts with sophisticated  analytics and a shared risk business model that drives the most value per  transaction.


Be everywhere.



Microsoft. Moen. Honda.


Only pay for success.


We love your customers as much as you do.

The total relationship with our customers is a summary of every  individual conversation during their lifecycle. By categorizing  each step of the relationship lifecycle, the  effectiveness of each  conversation can be determined and the value of each  customer relationship can be improved.

As the value of every customer relationship increases, the  value of our entire customer base grows.

There are six conversation types that impact your financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):


When our analysis uncovers a need for new customers to meet your stated goals, we develop  conversations that resonate with those that are most  likely to respond to your message.

New customers are the lifeblood of any company. The best  acquisition programs help to identify needs and determine  how the products you offer relate to those needs in order to  establish a relationship between prospects and your  company. The hardest part of any acquisition is getting to  the right decision maker in order to have the most valuable  conversation.

Results: Incept has developed several statistical models  that allow appropriate identification of decision makers. We  contact individual decision makers through their preferred  channel, including phone, chat, email, and more to simplify  the buying process and help to develop long-term  customers for our clients by matching them to the right  product.


Everyone likes to be informed and  appreciated. These conversations are very  simple. A short message of thank you, happy  birthday or anniversary, and status updates  keeps them engaged and thinking about you.

Welcome calls to customers at various points in  their trial periods can increase customer utilization  and decrease churn.

Results: While no two customers are the same,  we have shown that targeted Welcome calls can  increase engagement, proactively identify at-risk  customers and ultimately increase revenue.


Your customers want quick resolutions to their problems regardless of the channel they choose to contact you through.

A strong and knowledgeable customer service and technical support team can provide the information and solutions necessary to build rapport with your customer and ensure your product is functioning as intended while increasing customer satisfaction, reducing churn and increasing the lifetime value of the customer.

Results: While working with clients to be subject matter experts, Incept is able to support customers on multiple levels, from simple account questions to detailed technical assistance.  This has been shown to increase customer satisfaction and a one call resolution by more than 15%.


We understand that your customer base is an  essential part of your success. By knowing what  motivates both, we deliver compelling conversations  that inspire meaningful relationships.

Customer churn has a direct impact on customer  lifetime value and the ability to grow a business.  Well-designed customer retention programs can  significantly reduce customer churn as well as  identify critical service issues that may be creating  customer dissatisfaction.

Results: Incept has worked with customers to determine  their true needs or dissatisfaction and pair the  appropriate offer to retain the customer. This does not  create a temporary fix for the customer, but gives the  customer a solution that builds greater lifetime value and  adds significant value to our clients - a 5% increase in  customer retention rate has the potential to yield profit  increases from 25% to 95%.


By creating models based on an individual's transaction  history, strategies are developed to help customers  realize the additional value within your organization.

In some instances, a customer’s initial product choice may not  be the ideal selection to meet their needs. In these instances,  providing recommendations for additional products leads to  increased revenue per transaction and more satisfied  customers.

Results: Through the process of handling customer service  and customer retention calls, we identify several  opportunities to adjust our recommendations to more  appropriately meet the customers’ needs and our clients’  goals. By replicating the online experience of recommended  purchases feature, we maximize your marketing dollars,  regardless of the channel.


The number-one reason a customer does not come  back is because they are not asked. For those that  would but don't, we compliment your customer  retention approach by offering multiple opportunities.

New products are launched by e-commerce companies  rapidly. Occasionally, product upgrades address previous  issues significantly enough that customers who have  purchased before are willing to purchase again.

In these instances, targeted sales campaigns focused on  the customer’s previous shopping habits can provide an  influx of new customers at a lower than average cost per  acquisition.

Results: Although relatively small in total volume, well-  timed re-activation campaigns can drive customer  acquisition as new products are launched or specific sales  targets need an extra boost to be reached.


One of our closest and longest-standing partnerships is with a leading Internet-based subscription service. They count on us to deliver a seamless customer experience, through new customer welcome calls, customer service, technical support, retention, and lapsed customer reactivation.

First and foremost, our partnership wouldn’t be successful unless Incept delivered results. Each day, week, month, and year, the client reviews a set of metrics that they’ve determined as the most important. These metrics guide our day-to-day decisions and conversations with the client, and include, but are not limited to:

  • Service level: To ensure that all calls are being handled quickly and efficiently
  • One and done: The rate at which our agents can fix a customer’s problem with one call
  • Customer Satisfaction Score:  Each customer is surveyed via email after a contact with us and rate our ability to help them on a scale of 1-x.

In order to consistently meet and exceed the expectations that the client has set for us, we put a great deal of time into aligning our culture with theirs. Consistent meetings with our key contact are essential to this mission, so the client sends Incept’s main contact from across the country for one week every month. These visits are filled with high-level strategy sessions, innovative operational discussions, and tactical meetings with some of Incept’s front line representatives.

These discussions have led to improvements for both Incept and the client's customer service teams.  They have a lasting effect on our whole team, but specifically with the front-line employees. It enables them to feel like an extension of the client's team, which becomes a key differentiator in how Incept provides superior customer service on behalf of our clients.

One example of our commitment to living our clients’ values is through Customer Service Week. Each year, the client throws their employees a week-long party celebrating superior customer service through their core values in conjunction with National Customer Service Week.

Incept extends that week-long celebration throughout the year so that these values always stay top of mind. We have monthly contests where Conversational Marketing Experts nominate each other for exhibiting the core values and are able to win a small prize.  We also administer monthly training on one of the values that the client holds so dear. We also have the client's values up on our contact center walls as a constant reminder of what kind of culture we are representing when serving the client's customers.

This commitment to our client’s culture differentiates Incept from other telemarketing partners because it’s something we’ve put action to.

Each customer service call ends with a customer satisfaction survey that often leads to a customer raving about the support they received from our Conversational Marketing Experts. Below is a small sampling of those responses:

The representative was very professional and helpful.  I worked in call centers for 15 years and she is better than 98% of the people that I worked with.

By far one of the best customer service calls I've made. No hassles and a quick resolution for my issue. 

The girl on the phone was great. The world needs to be more like the one I talked to she was very understanding and said sorry that I was having the issue and it was not her that caused it. Just a large thank you to all team members for all you work!

Thank you for your understanding and service with a smile I could see in her voice. Great Job!

My compliments to Jenae because she is an outstanding CSR! I retired from a CSR position of 32 yrs and I know how difficult it can be dealing with the public. However, she handled my situation very professionally and was very concerned with my issues, which she resolved. She is an asset to your company. Thank you again Jenae!!

He was very patient and helpful when I did not know how to do or find what I was supposed to.  I really appreciated how he made sure I was finding the correct place to click or had everything I needed.

The man I talked to did everything he could to satisfy my needs and did so quickly. He had no trouble understanding my issues and understanding how to resolve them. I was extremely surprised by how helpful the customer service was. I usually hang up angry, but this guy made me happy! 

I was very frustrated when I called. Patrick was professional from the outset, letting me know he was committed to resolving my issue. He did just that in a matter of minutes, he walked me through the steps to resolve my issue and I was very pleased. In this age of computer-generated customer service, it is refreshing to talk to a "real" person who is both friendly and professional. Thanks very much, Patrick

Kimberly was extremely helpful and anxious to serve.  If I need assistance in the future I would prefer to request Kimberly's services.

Each time I have needed to contact Customer Care, the Reps have been happy to help however they could to address the concern and resolve the issue.  The Service Rep immediately took my need a step further than I expected to help resolve the issue I had. Now that is Customer Service at its highest level!!

The employee I spoke with was awesome!!! I even hung up the phone with a shocked smile on my face for how helpful and sweet she was!!

Incept is the choice of many leading brands as a partner for superior customer service. Our commitment to providing results and aligning with the client’s culture is what sets us apart as a partner, and their customers’ feedback is what proves our superiority in the marketplace.