Incept + software as a service

The SaaS industry and subscription economy are booming and customer success is the talk of the town. A widely known fact - a 5% increase in customer retention rates has the potential to yield profit increases from 25% to 95%. Our extensive experience with several SaaS companies has proved this to be true.  

It has also revealed three other points of growing concern for SaaS companies:

  • Climbing churn rates
  • Customer experience will soon outweigh the importance of product and price
  • Maximizing customer lifetime value is the biggest contributor to long-term success

Many SaaS companies are challenged with scaling head count to deliver the same exceptional service as their organization grows. 

We can help with exactly that. 



We have a deep understanding of the customer success life cycle and its impact on your subscription business.  Because of that understanding, we can work with you to acquire, convert, retain, and even re-activate your customers, deepening your relationship with them and increasing the value of your customer base. 


We help SaaS companies widen the gap between each additional customer success manager.  A widely accepted principle for this industry - hire one CSM for every $2 million in annual recurring revenue. We help you grow in the in-between stages where you might need a partial CSM but can't hire a FTE yet. 


Our business has been built on identifying 2-3 strategic, long-term partnerships each year. What that means for you is that you will receive executive level customer service from us, making us a strategic partner in accomplishing your goals, not just another vendor.


We integrate with the customer experience through phone, email, live chat, text message, social media and more -- pretty much everywhere your customer expects you to be.  


Our compensation is almost always structured on a pay-for-performance model. We build our clients' success into our financial rewards and align ourselves with those we do business with. Simply put, if you don't succeed, we don't succeed.

A Few Of Our Projects:

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Rockwell Automation 

Incept developed a full cycle sales initiative to assist Rockwell in meeting some very aggressive goals. The campaign resulted in allowing Rockwell to exceed sales goals and forge ahead to tackle stretch goals with comfort.

Our computer based training products had not met expectations through traditional sales channels. Incept presented a full-cycle sales program that would require minimal effort and investment on our end. They implemented a program that hit the mark. As a result of their attention to detail and program development, Incept exceeded our sales volume expectations by nearly 25%. Needless to say project #2 has now kicked off and we are expecting more of the same results.
— Rusty Allen


Incept was charged with conducting conversations with small-to-medium sized businesses nationwide in order to determine their current hiring strategies, needs and to determine if could be a benefit for their organization. The campaign produced more than 7000 conversations and 500 leads for the inside sales team. 


For the launch of MSN 8, Incept was contracted to centralize a large marketing effort and streamline efforts for the team at MSN. Incept managed all data, quality compliance and calibration for 7 centers. Making and taking calls from customers signing up for the new MSN 8 internet access program resulted in over 840,000 conversations and 30,000 new customers!