7 Kinds of Ongoing Training Incept Provides Their Agents

Incept's process for ongoing, non-client-specific training includes 7 modules for Conversational Marketing Expert development, which are broken into the following groupings:

Conversation control tactics

This module is focused on active listening skills, properly acknowledging customers, making statements that fit the conversation and then steering the conversation with skilled questions.

Customer complaint training

This module is focused on how to de-escalate a customer complaint – includes offering alternative solutions, how to properly document the situation and pass the information to the appropriate staff members and how to end the conversation as a positive customer experience.

Software training

These modules focus on the specific tips and tricks to use with several different in house and online software packages Incept incorporates into our calling campaigns.

Rebuttal training

This module focuses on when it’s appropriate to rebuttal as well as how to craft the perfect rebuttal to any customer objection.

Personalizing scripts

This module focuses how to deliver black and white scripts in a conversational approach.  The module includes word choices, inflection, delivery, speed, pitch, paraphrasing and mirroring your customer.

Rapport training

This module focuses on finding common ground with your customer and using that common ground to build a foundation for building a successful relationship in that call.

Sales techniques

This module focuses on feature/benefit sales techniques, identifying decision makers, building rapport, avoiding assumptions, painting the picture, asking for the sale/trial closing and second requesting.

With these 7 tools in their back pocket, Incept Conversational Marketing Experts are able to effectively and efficiently solve your customer's problems, all while increasing the value of their relationship with your brand.