A B2B Telemarketing Company That Puts Relationships With Your Customers First

Incept is a contact center partner that supports co-sourced customer service conversations for some of the country’s most recognizable brands, including Microsoft, Serta, AARP and the American Red Cross. Some of these conversations have helped companies save millions of dollars through the retention and acquisition of customers, while others have literally saved lives. More than 20 million conversations on behalf of our clients have led to industry-leading results, but it’s our attention to individual conversations and the lasting relationships they form between our clients and their customers that has etched out our competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Incept believes that the most important part of our lives are the deep relationships we build with other people, and that the building blocks of great relationships are the individual conversations we have each day.  Incept exists to help our clients conduct meaningful conversations, and therefore develop deep relationships with the people most important to them every day. 

There are several key ways that we ensure we are able to provide superior customer service on behalf of our clients, putting their customers first, most notably:

Cause-based Hiring

The way we hire is different. Instead of looking for candidates that meet our minimum competency requirements, we look for candidates that align with our client’s causes – recruiting blood donors to save lives and helping small businesses save money and create jobs. This shift has not only led to a higher employee retention rate for Incept, but better individual conversations with our clients’ customers. When a Conversational Marketing Expert is passionate about helping the person on the other end of the phone, results will follow.  In addition to the typical assessment tests, we want to understand what people are passionate about and specifically how they illustrate that passion in their day-to-day life.

Conversational Training

We offer our Conversational Marketing Experts ongoing conversational control training on active listening, properly acknowledging customers, making statements that fit the conversation and then steering the conversation with skilled questions. This training is essential for having great conversations and is a big key to offering superior customer service.

Alignment to Client Culture

Each of our clients bring with them a very specific internal culture that helps to drive their business. Incept understands that part of the success of our partnership with each client is driven by our alignment to their culture. To do that, we separate each of our client teams into pods so that they can work together towards common goals. We often give them face-to-face client visit time, offer core value informational sessions, pizza party celebrations for hitting goals, and any other type of incentive or value that the client would offer their team internally. Last year we even sent an entire team of Conversational Marketing Experts to one of our client’s headquarters to ensure the entire team was aligned and energized from day one.

Commitment to Results

At the end of the day, we are committed to delivering results to our clients. We offer pay-for-performance pricing that displaces the risk from the client and shares it with Incept. We’ve found that when the risk is shared, it drives everyone to chase after the same goals. This type of pricing structure allows us to award our Conversational Marketing Experts with bonuses based on their ability to hit client goals as well.

Our commitment to providing superior customer service on behalf of our clients has led to a ninety-four percent satisfactory partner rating and the large majority would also recommend Incept to someone who needs similar services.