#RelationshipsMatter | Employee Spotlight: Melissa Davis

We've been placing a spotlight on some of Incept's finest team members! Today we bring you Melissa Davis, Incept's Client Results Executive:


What do you do here at Incept?

Client management on the for-profit or Results division side of the business including but not limited to assisting in the development of marketing strategies and ensuring goals are met for both the client and Incept.


What do you enjoy most about working in the customer engagement industry?   

Finding new solutions to reach customers, in the way they want to be reached, and offering the products/services that are most beneficial to them.


What do you enjoy most about working at Incept? 

The atmosphere. We have fun while being serious. We work together to solve problems internally and for our clients.


Why do relationships matter to you? 

Relationships are the core competency of our business. Every phone call and every email is a new or continued relationship.


What has been the most impactful relationship you’ve had here? 

There are so many that it’s hard to tell. Each relationship has its own characteristics to learn and grow from.   I have learned a ton from the others on the Client Results team to grow to a more well rounded and forward-thinking employee.


How has the focus on having productive conversations impacted your relationships outside of work? 

Focusing on productive conversations at work led me to analyze the communication style of my friends and family. This allowed me to address them with the approach best for them and keep our conversations pointed, friendly and more productive!


What’s your favorite thing you did in the last year?   

Ran two half marathons!  I also completed the full marathon relay in Akron with our own James Latsch, Incept's VP, Operational Systems! 


Let's play two truths and a lie:

  1. I was told I would be too tall to be a decent gymnast
  2. People blowing their noses creeps me out
  3. I have been in the Goodyear blimp with my brother who works there

Can you guess which one is a lie?