3 Reasons to Add Live Chat to Your Conversational Marketing Strategy

In today’s social media and texting culture, the connection between customer and business is changing. The way people want to discuss their problems, and how fast they want them solved, also plays a role in the channel they use to contact support.

And based on the stats of only 6% of millennials wanting to call a company for customer service, we know it’s time to evolve. Therefore, we want to discuss several reasons to add live chat to your conversational marketing strategy to help you find methods to grow your business.

Live chat assists phone efforts

I remember when I had to make a customer support call and immediately dreaded that elevator music playing in the background. That all-too-familiar sound is never music to anyone’s hears. Then, an automated recording came on the line to indicate how long the wait time for the phone would be, but if I wanted to chat with a customer service rep, they could help me immediately.

Excited to skip the line, I opted in. They texted me a unique link that directed me to a live chat where the customer support agent immediately knew why I was contacting them. The issue was solved in a couple of chats back and forth and I was left feeling pleased with the interaction.

This seamless combination of phone and live chat is a feature that can shorten hold times by getting people with quick or minor questions off the line and into a chat to quickly assist them. And by integrating the information already in the phone call, the customer doesn’t need to hesitate moving over to chat in fear of having to restate their problem.

Live chat is convenient for customers

Our busy and multi-tasking culture means that people also want their problems solved conveniently and in a way that fits in with what they’re already doing.  Over half of consumers note that they prefer live chat to contact support because it allows them to multi-task.

A customer can easily have that chat in one internet tab or window and another task also running to accomplish two things at once. And when their question can get answered almost immediately, their satisfaction in the exchange only increases.

Live chat increases your conversion rate

When a customer is in the middle of a purchase, answering their question is proven to increase conversion rate. This report states that 44% of consumers say that having their questions answered via chat in the middle of shopping online increase conversion and checkout rates. And when 77% of consumers state that they won’t make a purchase if live chat support is not an option, why wouldn’t businesses consider adding live chat into their conversational marketing strategy?

Adding live chat to your user experience helps answer time sensitive questions when the customer is ready to buy. This, in turn, will help them purchase in the moment and prevent cart abandonment, which could lead to them forgetting about completing the purchase altogether.

Want to learn more about how live chat can assist conversational marketing or customer support? Let’s chat!