Retaining Exceptional Employees: 4 Ways to Reward Contact Center Employees

Contact centers have one of the highest turnover rates of any industry, with an average organization needing to replace 1/4 of their front-line staff each year. Continuously replacing team members takes a toll on any organization, both financially and culturally. And while many believe that simply increasing the hourly wage is the answer to this problem, it’s been proven that the most successful employee retention strategies revolve around recognition, rewards, and overall company culture.

We’ve tested and implemented many employee retention strategies in order to create an environment where our team can truly work towards becoming the best possible version of themselves. This has led to recognition as a 7-time Top Workplace, 2-time Psychologically Healthy Workplace and Smart Culture award winner, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned with you!

Below are 4 ways we recognize and reward our contact center employees to create an energizing environment to retain our best employees.

Employee of The Month

Each month we recognize an employee of the month as well as the most improved employee on our team. We do this in monthly public ceremonies so that the employee is recognized by all of their peers, which helps create an environment fueled by success and collaboration. Each of our monthly winners are recognized for a second time at our annual holiday party in front of the entire company.

PTO Tickets

We reward perfect attendance with paid-time-off tickets each month. Hard work and dedication deserves recognition and this type goes a long way! The PTO tickets are a favorite of many of our employees.

Quarterly Meeting

Each quarter we gather all of our management staff to review the previous quarter’s results. We recognize managers that have lived our company behaviors in ways that have set them apart from the rest of the group and even reward the group as a whole with a special team bonding event.  In the past year we’ve gone to the Escape Room, rented a Rubber Ducks suite, and celebrated with a Casino Night.

Incpet - Management Event.jpg


We are big believers in recognizing hard work so that our people feel valued. Often times, we will reward our employees with gas cards if they’ve worked extra hours.  We’ve spent more than $15,000 on gift cards this year as incentives for employees.  We make big bets on people early, and our incentives really help to create an environment where people feel valued.

We hope these recognition and reward ideas help reduce your employee turnover rate. What other ways have helped retain your more exceptional employees?


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