Incept + Membership Organizations

We work with numerous associations and we continue to hear that there are three main objectives this industry is dealing with:

  • Increase member engagement
  • Increase member retention
  • Increase new member acquisition 

When you add in a small staff, limited budget, and requirement for board approval, we know how tough it can be to accomplish all of your goals.  

why Incept?

Flexibility around capacity constraints

Wish you could ramp up capacity before your annual event without having to hire a full-time employee?  We're the perfect solution for those of you wishing you could expand your small staff during specific windows and contract during other parts of the year. 

Executive level marketing strategy

Our business has been built on identifying 2-3 strategic, long-term partnerships each year. What that means for you is that you will receive executive level customer service from us, making us a strategic partner in accomplishing your goals, not just another vendor.

Membership life cycle

We have a deep understanding of the member life cycle and its impact on your association.  Because of that understanding, we can work with you to acquire, convert, retain, and even re-activate your members, deepening your relationship with them and increasing the value of your member base. 


We integrate with the member experience through phone, email, live chat, text message, social media and more -- pretty much everywhere your members expect you to be.  

Simplified pricing

Our compensation is almost always structured on a pay-for-performance model. We build our clients' success into our financial rewards and align ourselves with those we do business with. Simply put, if you don't succeed, we don't succeed.

A few of our projects:


American Heart Association

Incept has made thousands of calls in support of The American Heart Association providing lead generation services for The American Heartwalk, The American Stroke Association’s Train to End Stroke fundraising marathon, and support campaigns for the AHA Advocacy group. In addition to supporting this incredible mission through trade, we are also proud participants of our local American Heartwalk held every fall.

Time and again, Incept has exceeded our expectations by consistently meeting project deadlines, providing accurate, easy-to-read reports and delivering efficient, cost-effective solutions to our direct marketing needs.
— Brenda Martinez, Project Coordinator

PROFESSIONAL Association for Customer Engagement

PACE is the only non-profit trade organization dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that use a multi-channel approach to engaging their customers, both business to business and business to consumer. In order to boost member engagement and increase conference attendance, PACE partnered with Incept to conduct a short-term conference-registration campaign for one of their annual events.

Using a customized conversational marketing approach, we were able to drive additional conference attendees, providing a 12% ROI.

The relationship continues to grow as Incept manages the organization’s social media presence, and looks forward to initiating campaigns across multiple channels to boost future conference attendance.

American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE represents more than 150,000 members of the civil engineering profession. ASCE partnered with Incept in order to re-activate lapsed members as well as renew memberships of those close to lapsing.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.  In order to grow their membership base more, IEEE partnered with Incept in order to re-activate lapsed members as well as renew memberships of those close to lapsing.

Using Incept’s customized conversational marketing strategy, we were able to re-activate 952 members in less than 8 weeks of the program.

This relationship has already grown into the identification of future campaigns.

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