Incept Assists Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center with Hitting Their Second Quarter Goal

July 14, 2012

July 14th, 2012 - Heading into June, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center was projected to miss their blood collection goal for the second quarter of 2012. To prevent their client from missing the goal, Incept took extra steps within their Contact Center to ensure the goal was met and even exceeded.

At the close of June, Incept had produced 18.50% MORE units of blood than their next highest month in 2012. It was that extra push that enabled Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to not only meet their June monthly goal, but also to make up their quarterly deficit to claim the quarter as a success and ensure area patients have blood and blood products available.

"When we saw that the goal was within reach, I contacted Incept and asked them to focus on June appointments and do everything possible to support us-and they answered the call with results!" said Annetta Morris, Director, Commit for Life, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

Billie Johnson, Vice President, Client Results said, "We take our clients' goals very seriously. They become our goals, as it aligns us with their organization and ensures we are all working toward the same objectives. When this call came in, we knew exactly what we had to do to make sure the patients in the Texas Gulf Coast Region had the blood products they need on the shelves."

About Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center is located in Houston, Texas and serves more than 170 hospitals and health care institutions in the 26-county Texas Gulf Coast, Brazos Valley, and East Texas regions.

About Incept
Incept is a Conversational MarketingTM firm that specializes in conducting productive conversations with your current and potential donors. These conversations help to strengthen your relationship with current and lapsed donors that net you more productive units at the blood center level.