Rhode Island Blood Center has chosen Canton-based Incept to provide blood donor tele-recruitment services to help meet their daily demand of over 280 units

October 16, 2006

Over the last 27 years, the center has worked to meet the demand for blood within a three-state radius. Incept will target local community members that have not previously donated in order to help build a donor base for the center.

"Having previously managed Rhode Island's lapsed and new donor recruiting programs, we are very excited to continue building on the foundation that supports such a great community," Billie Johnson, Incept's Vice President, New Client Results said. "We are thrilled when one of blood bank clients looks to us to help increase their donor base."

About Rhode Island Blood Center
The Rhode Island Blood Center is dedicated to steady growth and improvement in the community blood program. Their goal is to ensure that all Rhode Islanders have immediate access to a safe and plentiful blood supply.

The Blood Center is much more than just a blood collection organization. Their more than 350 employees are involved in education, the national marrow donor program, DNA testing and various patient treatment programs at local hospitals. They are also involved in a variety of local and national research programs in an effort to improve all aspects of the blood banking industry. The website for the Blood Center is www.ribc.org.

About Incept
Incept is a conversational marketing firm that specializes in conducting productive conversations with your current and potential donors, on your behalf.

To learn more about Incept, please visit www.InceptSaves.com or contact Billie Johnson - Billie.Johnson@InceptSaves.com or 800.586.6813

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