Press Release: How One Local Company Is Combating The Mental Health Epidemic In Our Community

Why Incept Cares

With approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. (46.6 million) experiencing mental illness, Incept takes mental health seriously and finds it necessary to address with their employees. The company is aware that there are major consequences for those who do not receive treatment for their mental health; in fact, individuals that do not get treatment have an increased likelihood of substance abuse, incarceration, and even suicide – all of which, Incept seeks to prevent for its employees.

mental health services

In an effort to provide support, encouragement, and an avenue for employees to seek treatment, Incept recently launched several on-site assistance programs for employees to use at any time they need to talk with someone about their mental health.

Twice a week, employees can participate with Coleman Professional Services. The organization’s experienced and licensed staff members provide resources, intervention, prevention and vocational skills training to those employees who struggle with their mental health. Their evidence-based practices allow Incept’s employees to improve their mental health while also having a support system at their immediate disposal.

CEO, Sam Falletta, comments on the initiatives and states,

We deeply believe in creating a workplace that delivers on our purpose of helping our employees become the best possible version of themselves. We have seen firsthand that people reach their highest potential when they develop themselves as a person, not just as a worker, particularly in the areas of mental health, self-confidence and resilience. 

After testing several other community-based options, we felt the best way to deliver those services was within the business  as opposed to just referring employees elsewhere. 

We’re incredibly grateful to the community partners who have worked with us to develop these programs and to have already improved the lives of so many of our employees.”

mental health Initiatives

Incept is also aware of the negative stigma related to mental health and seeks to put an end to it. By sharing actionable tips on their employee intranet and creating a calendar of events, the company is encouraging their employees to get started on improving their own mental health. The goal is to help employees recognize that there are avenues available to treat the anxiety, stress, and abuse they may deal with.

Employee Results Director, Allison McConnell, states, “We’ve already received very positive feedback from the employees who have participated in these initiatives.  Participants have cited decreased stress, increased action towards their goals, and greater feelings of resilience and optimism about their future – all factors we know drive increased performance and engagement in the workplace. We are excited to see how these continued efforts can impact the lives of our current and future employees.