Getting Started with Incept, What’s Involved?

Starting a new relationship with an employee, client, or partner can be daunting. The word onboarding alone may make you cringe. But rest assured, the right partner will help you feel prepared and make the onboarding process as painless as possible.

At Incept, the onboarding process can take as long or be as short as you would like. We allow for this flexibility because we know that each of our clients is tackling a unique business problem and may be at a different stage in finding the solution. Incept can enter the process at any stage, from assisting in creating a marketing strategy and doing a needs assessment, to taking a proven script and methodology and scaling it beyond what can be done with your available internal resources.

Typically, our onboarding process lasts 10 business days from the time all materials are received. We analyze your script, call list, voicemail messaging, hold messaging, and call volume expectations. With this data, we are able to develop a plan of attack that is right for you.

Really, your responsibility is knowledge transfer and our responsibility is execution. What we mean by this is, we are experts in communication but we're not experts in your business. What we want to understand is what makes you different. Why do you win deals? What is your competitive advantage? Who is the point of contact that we need to reach, and what are the pressures of their day-to-day responsibility? We need you to educate our team on who they can leverage in the most powerful way. Then, we will take all the knowledge you share, select the right representatives to handle your case at your pace, and generate results.