TEDxAkron is coming up this weekend!

Incept's CEO, Sam Falletta, is putting on his 4th TEDxAkron event this weekend, on May 20, 2017! Founded in 2011, Sam has hosted 3 other TEDxAkron events in the past several years focused on topics Rebirth, uneXpected, and Forever Young

With close ties to Incept's mission - helping you become the best possible version of yourself - this year's TEDx event will be focused on big ideas around the theme 'One Day.' From the opiate epidemic to refugee resettlement. From rape kit testing to #HighPotentialHomeless. From Captain Ahab to the ArtSpark. The 2017 TEDxAkron speakers will share big ideas about how one day can change everything.

What is TEDx?

TEDxAkron was organized by Sam Falletta in an effort to bring members of the Akron community together to discuss issues that impact the community and bring a positive change to the world beginning in Akron, Ohio.  TEDxAkron 2011 was Akron’s first official TEDx Event.

Interested in attending? You can learn more and get tickets at www.TEDxAkron.com. We hope to see you there! 

TEDxAkron 2017

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