A Top Workplace In Ohio

Incept’s most significant competitive advantage for many customers is a pay-for-performance pricing model in which Incept is only compensated for delivering the desired results for their client, be it a donor, sale, or retained customer.  Simply put, Incept doesn’t succeed unless our clients succeed.

To accept this level of risk, we have to consistently recruit, train, and retain our employees better than our competitors. Our long-term success has been the result of a very intentional focus on developing a culture that rewards innovative ideas and fearless front-line leadership.  This culture has led to numerous Top Workplace Awards, including being the highest rated company from Stark County for several years by Workplace Dynamics and the Plain Dealer as well as the Smart Culture Award by Smart Business in the last 2 years.

Here’s a sneak peak at our culture:

Our culture is very unique, especially for the industry we’re in. The contact center world isn’t typically known for being an attractive career move for most people but Incept has managed to change that perception for our employees.

Because of this great success, Incept has added over 100 jobs to the local economy in the last 10 years. Sixty-six percent of all new employees hired recently were the result of a referral from a current employee. Happy employees bring their friends, and that’s something we’ve credited to our investment in a strong company culture.