3 Important KPIs for Inbound Telemarketing Services

Whether you have an in-house call center, or you have an outsourced telemarketing partner, it is so important to know how to measure performance and success. Answering a call is great, but if the customer isn’t satisfied, what’s the point?

As an experienced telemarketing company, we know how important it is to not only track the following important key performance indicators, but continually work to improve your inbound telemarketing stats. Below are three important KPIs for inbound telemarketing services are essential to not only retain happy customers, but also to help your business continue to grow!

ASA (Average Speed of Answer)

Average speed of answer is a measurement that can be utilized to control the customer experience.   A high value or highly emotional customer experience may need a very short average speed of answer, while it may be more cost effective to lengthen the average speed of answer on a call that may play an IVR first to customers that may not have a high aptitude to buy. 

In either case, setting an appropriate expectation for average speed of answer that drives customer behavior is valuable and essential to success in inbound telemarketing. - Melissa Davis, Sr. Acct Executive, Results

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Average Handle Time (AHT)

Average handle time is important for a few reasons.  For the customer – they want an efficient experience.  They want to call, reach a live conversational marketing expert (CME), explain their issue/question, and then get expert advice or assistance in resolving it.  Everyone is busy, so they want this info quickly, explained clearly, and for the CME to stay on topic.

AHT is important for the client because they want their customers handled efficiently but effectively.  If the CME is operating at efficient AHTs, then they have the capacity to handle more calls per hour,  resulting in lower wait times for the customer and providing a better overall customer experience.

This KPI is important to the contact center because a lot of inbound programs pay per call.  If the CMEs are operating efficiently, they can handle more calls per hour – increasing revenue per hour and utilization of the workforce, at the same time. - Dave Walter, VP, Operations


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score was introduced by the Harvard Business Review as a way to measure customer loyalty. The score is calculated from one simple question - on a scale of 1-10, how likely is it that you would recommend our company/ product/ service to a friend or colleague?

Replies get classified into one of three categories: promoters (9-10), passives (7-8), or detractors (0-6).  NPS is then calculated by subtracting the percentage difference between promoters and detractors and can range anywhere from -100 to 100.

The reason NPS is such an important KPI for telemarketers is because for many organizations, the call center is the hub of their customer service strategy. This is also the primary way their customers reach out to them, making it a pivotal aspect of their customer retention strategy. 

By tracking NPS as a KPI for inbound telemarketing, your call center can actively analyze and improve customer loyalty, which is a top predictor for future business growth. - Sarah Nelson, Marketing Manager

Now that you have the information on these important KPIs for inbound telemarketing services, it’s time to start tracking them! If you need more assistance with inbound telemarketing and want to talk about how InceptResults can help your business, fill out our Let’s Talk form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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Hold times can greatly impact client experience which can result in negative impacts such as dissatisfied customers, or even returns or cancellations.

Using our expertise in inbound telemarketing, we’ve created a guide to help you improve customer experience by decreasing call hold times.

In this guide you’ll get information on:

  • Other services to offer that we’ve found to best support your phone campaigns

  • Steps to take to ensure your agents are the most productive and assist customers in a timely manner