Reduce Employee Turnover In Your Contact Center in Just 15 Minutes Per Day

Your workforce is the single largest line item expense on your balance sheet and yet far too often this number is exasperated even more by unnecessary turnover. It is estimated that replacing an employee costs about 20% of their salary, although some estimate even more. Multiply this by the number of employees that leave your company every year and you’ve got a serious problem.

The stigma around turnover in the contact center is so strong though that for most it has become the unwritten rule that turnover will be high. So many have accepted the fact that contact center employees are just looking for a job, not a career. That the job itself tends to be more stressful than others so, of course, employees will leave. And that the hours are long and boring, so who would blame them for leaving?

But these aren’t reasons. They are rationalizations.

Employee turnover is dependent on you.

You have the ability to enhance the work environment and encourage employee engagement within the contact center. And the best part is that it’s not even that difficult, time consuming, or expensive! It just takes a daily commitment to your people.

Download 30 Day Guide To Reducing Turnover

To take on employee turnover is a daunting task. We have 30 simple actions YOU can do this month – that’s right, 30 days -to start the endeavor to becoming the exception to the rule. The best part: each item will only take 15 minutes to implement!