Why Employee Engagement is Important

What is it?

Employee engagement is a workplace approach that focuses on a company’s environment, values, goals and the overall well-being of employees.

From a psychological standpoint, it’s all about creating positive attitudes and behaviors that lead to improved work productivity. It’s also instilling your company’s values and goals into every action and decision that the company makes.

Why Employee Engagement is Important

Everyone’s career goal is to wake up and be truly excited and motivated to go to work. To have a purpose and truly enjoy the environment they work in.

However, while many companies have success on the forefront of their minds, they aren’t strategizing how to create employee engagement. Did you know that highly engaged organizations are 17% more productive and 31% more profitable than organizations with low engagement? (Culture Amp)

Essentially, by getting to know your employees, and making their work environment supportive and positive, your company will have increased chances of business success.

How to Improve Employee Engagement

Understanding how your employees feel at work allows you to see what improvements you can make to your company’s culture and communication styles. So, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask important questions!


I wanted to get a better understanding as to why Incept’s employee engagement is so great, so I created a poll on Incept’s employee intranet and asked everyone what made them feel excited and motivated at work. 46% of respondents said that their motivation stems from a combination of their managers, the atmosphere and the work that they get to do.

This is employee engagement done right.

Employee engagement shouldn’t just focus on one area. It should be a combination of an exciting work environment, clear goals to strive for and strong company values to really motivate workers.

Essentially, to have employee engagement, you need to give your employees a reason to get up and go to work every day. Make sure that the environment they work in is energetic and that they have a leadership team supporting them on both a professional and personal level.

Employee Engagement Activities

38% of respondents on our employee intranet said that the atmosphere alone at Incept is the main factor as to why they can efficiently do their work. Every day, we strive to make our employees appreciated and motivated, both inside and outside of work.

Below are a couple ways that we engage with our employees:


We create fun, themed days where employees get to dress up!


We have Manager Instagram Story Takeovers so everyone can get to know upper management.


We post motivating quotes around the office.

Results 1.png

Daily, we post pictures of employees in their element – we show them that they’re appreciated!


Photo contests on social media pages are always a hit – people love to share photos just as much as winning a prize!

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We ask our workers what makes them happy/stressed at work – we use the answers to make future employee engagement strategies.

Not only will these activities motivate your employees to work harder, but it will also help retain workers and create an everlasting culture!