Blood Center of New Jersey Begins Pilot Project to Outsource Apheresis Calling

June 3, 2003

This pilot-calling program, conducted on behalf of the Blood Center of New Jersey's Muhlenberg site, was such a success that after the test was completed the project was rolled out and continues to the present day.

Blood centers regard their Apheresis donor's as "the cream of the crop". This is due to the fact that the collection of Apheresis is considerably different than a whole blood donation. With Apheresis, blood is drawn from the donor, processed immediately and the donor receives their "red cells" back while only the platelets are kept. This allows a blood center to collect a higher volume of platelets, from a single donor, which are precious to the patients who need them. Primary uses are to assist burn victims, cancer patients and patients with clotting deficiencies. The process of collecting Apheresis donations is quite a bit longer, almost double the length of a whole blood donation, and in most cases requires use of needles in both arms of the donor.

"We have a wonderful business relationship with The Blood Center of New Jersey, " says Director of Client Services Billie Johnson. The Apheresis pilot test was the latest program since Incept's association with The Blood Center of New Jersey began in November, 2001. "For a call center to have the trust from a blood center to call their "best donors" in itself is a huge compliment to our quality and the manner in which we represent the center," Johnson adds.

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