Launch of Program for American Red Cross Greater Ozarks - Arkansas Region an Outstanding Success

March 2, 2004

As a test for the American Red Cross's Greater Ozarks - Arkansas Region, Incept made mobile blood drive calls that had previously been handled by temporary employees. From the very start, program results were great. It took only eight days from the time the test began for the client to give a "go" for the rollout of the program. Donor Support Supervisor Terri J. Rimer noted that the Greater Ozarks - Arkansas Region was "very satisfied" with Incept's performance.

Regarding the use of the temporary personnel, Rimer explained that it, "became very expensive as they are not reliable and we needed to re-train frequently."

Incept Junior Account Representative Julia Koffel credits the success of the Ozarks program to "extremely energetic and professional CME's and extremely nice donors!"

Commenting on the service Incept has provided, Terri J. Rimer says, "I am extremely satisfied with the response time."

"We are really excited about the opportunity to work with an organization like the American Red Cross because of the work that they do saving lives around the world." emphasizes COO Sam Falletta. "The success of this test proves that our agents truly are exceptional at helping recruit and retain blood donors. We look forward to a long relationship."

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