Incept Partners With Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in Unique Donor Recruitment Strategy Commit for Life

July 1, 2005

Tailoring services to address specific customer needs has made Incept a leader in the blood donor recruiting industry. The company's work with Gulf Coast Regional Blood Services is a perfect example.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center," says Incept's President/Chief Results Officer Sam Falletta. "They represent some of the most progressive ideas in blood donor recruiting, and are viewed by everyone as an industry leader."

Commonly known as "The Blood Center", GCRBC views donor recruitment and retention in a very different way than other blood centers. Taking a "less is more" approach, this Houston, Texas based blood center utilizes a comprehensive communication strategy that allows them to "touch" donors at various stages of their donation cycle using numerous methods. Donors are always kept apprized of upcoming events and drives in their local area. There is an emphasis on education related to the need for blood and blood products.

Donor communication is managed through a unique donor retention program called Commit for Life. Through this program, donors commit to making four donations in a year; they allow the blood center to contact them and they spread the word to others about the importance of donating blood. Donors are rewarded for participating by earning "points" that can be redeemed for unique and valuable premiums.

Incept is reactivating lapsed donors for Gulf Coast Regional Blood Services. Those who have not donated for one to three years are receiving recruitment calls.

"I am thrilled with this partnership," says Incept's Director of Client Services Billie Johnson. "To sum it up, The Blood Center does it right! From their internal infrastructure to the care and compassion they show their donors, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center exemplifies the best practices in the industry."

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