Incept Continues Growth as Blood Donor Recruitment Industry Leader

April 29, 2005

Incept has established a reputation throughout the country as a leader in the blood donor recruitment industry.

For the fourth consecutive year, the company was an exhibitor at the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) national conference. Reaction from those in attendance clearly indicated that Incept has made its mark on the industry.

"It is great to have attendees approach us and ask how we're doing, what we have new to offer, and - in several cases - even thank us for doing a great job when calling for their center" notes Billie Johnson, Director of Client Services.

"In traveling to the ADRP conference again this year, I am reminded of the quality of work Incept is providing to organizations responsible for providing blood to the nation's hospitals," Sam Falletta, Incept's Chief Operating Officer was quotes as saying. "Being able to meet with clients we service and hear stories of those affected by blood donations truly makes me proud to be associated with this organization.

Unlike any other area that we work in," emphasizes Falletta, "our success truly can be the difference between life and death."

"This conference," Johnson noted of the Charlotte, North Carolina event, "is a wonderful way to spend time with our clients." She concluded, "I'm looking forward to the next conference in Fort Worth next year!"

About Incept
Incept is a conversational marketing firm that specializes in conducting productive conversations with your current and potential donors, on your behalf.

To learn more about Incept, please visit or contact Billie Johnson - or 800.586.6813

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