Incept Promotes Deetrein Johnson as New Program Results Supervisor

Results-oriented leader widely respected by his peers focuses on improving performance through employee morale.

March 1, 2012

CANTON, Ohio - Advancing himself from an entry-level position, Deetrein Johnson proudly takes on new responsibility as Incept's newest Program Results Supervisor. Johnson, who was promoted in February of this year, says he is excited about finding new ways by which he can be beneficial to the company.

Drawing upon his background in retail and customer service, Deetrein takes an approach to team leadership which relies heavily on employee recognition and education, ensuring employees are enjoying their work in order to improve results. By realizing that a positive attitude and outlook enables employees to have more productive conversations, he has been able to focus on creative ways to drive improvements.

"I make sure that everyone is having fun - that they're consistently smiling. It's important to make sure that our employees know that we care about them, and that to us, they aren't a number... but that they're appreciated."

Johnson's attitude and demeanor allow him to lead by example. President and CEO Sam Falletta had this to say about him: "After starting on the phones at Incept almost 15 years ago, I feel a special pride when we have superstars that begin at an entry-level position and prove they are capable of more than that. In Deetrein's case, he was a leader almost immediately and hasn't slowed down yet. He is going to be an important part of our blood bank team for a long time."

While his career at Incept is still young (having started in May 2010), Johnson looks to the future with excitement at the prospect of getting to interact with more employees, work with new clients, and get involved in new programs.

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