New Program Results Supervisor Tammy Paveloi Joins Incept Team

New team member brings new energy and approach to team management with goal of continuing growth.

October 4, 2011

CANTON, Ohio - Tammy Paveloi, who joined the Incept team in September of 2011, provides a high degree of positive energy while focusing on driving team growth and improving results. Drawing upon the parallels to her background in recruiting, she approaches team management with a focus on improving individual performance.

Paveloi, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Akron, intends to focus her energy on using education to improve performance on and individual level in order to drive results on a larger scale. Her approach includes a "piece-by-piece" methodology to learning which focuses on improving small and specific portions of a larger challenge.

When asked what she believes enables her to be successful at her work, she responded saying, "I think I have a very positive attitude, and I work very well with people. My education and my work experience has always focused on understanding how to make individuals perform better, especially from the education standpoint."

Incept President and CEO Sam Falletta had this to say about Paveloi: "From the moment Tammy walks into a room she brings positive energy. Her ability to bring a group of people together to enjoy working on a common goal is a rare gift and will continue to fuel our growth."

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