Incept Exhibits for Third Consecutive Year at ADRP Conference

May 25, 2004

Incept has become a specialist in blood donor recruiting over the past five years and is enhancing brand awareness through participation in the annual Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals conference.

"The objective of the show," explains Incept Director of Client Services Billie Johnson, "is for everyone to put politics aside and share ideas on how to recruit more blood donors and how to increase the average number of donations per donor on an annual basis."

"The conference was fantastic and it was great to meet so many people so dedicated to recruiting blood donors," Incept Chief Operating Officer Sam Falletta says.

Incept Executive Vice President Brad White observes, "Sometimes it takes an event like this to realize how much our calling affects other people. Only 5% of the population give blood and normally only donate 1.6 times a year."

Attending her fourth ADRP event, Johnson observes, "Comparatively, this conference was quite different from previous shows. The attendance was a record high. (with about 425 attendees) Typically, there are about 20 exhibitors, and this year there were 31."

Incept Director of Client Services emphasizes, "The key strategy for this show is branding. When a center begins to think of outsourcing, they need to think...Incept. By exhibiting at the ADRP, we try to make our name synonymous with tele-recruiting."

"We met with several people who said that they had heard good things about us," COO Sam Falletta points out. "I am confident that our training, account management and quality control make us the best call center in the industry for tele-recruiting, but I want to make sure the whole industry knows that."

"Outsourcing tele-recruiting is very scary for blood centers," Billie Johnson notes, "so they approach it with extreme caution."

"Over the next year I think you'll see some changes in he way we recruit new donors and reactivate lapsed," says Brad White. "I think you'll see a lot more creativity with appeals and scripting that work to motivate people to give."

About Incept
Incept is a conversational marketing firm that specializes in conducting productive conversations with your current and potential donors, on your behalf.

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